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Lavender Absolute 5ml
Lavender Absolute Oil  Lavandula angustifolia Lavender oil was a favourite bath time cle..
£11.39 £7.59
Ex Tax: £7.59
Linden Absolute 5ml
Linden Absolute Oil  Tilia vulgaris It is the scent of Spring with all the hope and exci..
£18.19 £12.11
Ex Tax: £12.11
Lotus Absolute 5ml
Lotus Absolute Oil  Nelumbo nucifera The Lotus flower is often viewed as a symbol of awa..
£39.99 £26.63
Ex Tax: £26.63
Marjoram (Sweet) Organic 5ml
Organic Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil  Origanum Majorama Marjoram was sacred in India and..
£9.49 £6.32
Ex Tax: £6.32
Mimosa Absolute 50% 5ml
Mimosa Absolute Oil  Acacia dealbata Mimosa Absolute is diluted to 50% in Sunflower Oil ..
£14.19 £9.45
Ex Tax: £9.45
Narcissus Absolute 5ml
Narcissus Absolute Oil  Narcisus poeticus In India the oil is applied to the body before..
£13.99 £9.32
Ex Tax: £9.32
Neroli Absolute 5ml
Neroli Absolute Oil  Citrus aurantium Neroli  Absolute Oil has been revered for cen..
£18.19 £12.11
Ex Tax: £12.11
Orange (Sweet) Organic 5ml
Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil  Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oranges are used extensively..
£2.49 £1.66
Ex Tax: £1.66
Orris Absolute 5ml
Orris Root Absolute Oil  Iris pallida Orris Root Absolute is one of the most prized and ..
£29.99 £19.97
Ex Tax: £19.97
Osmanthus Absolute 5ml
Osmanthus Absolute Oil  Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus Absolute doesn't smell like any oth..
£29.99 £19.97
Ex Tax: £19.97
Peppermint Organic 5ml
Organic Peppermint Essential Oil  Mentha Piperita Mint was prized in Japan and China for..
£3.99 £2.66
Ex Tax: £2.66
Rose Maroc Absolute 5ml
Rose Maroc Absolute Oil  Rosa centifolia The rose is one of the world’s best known flowe..
£16.49 £10.98
Ex Tax: £10.98
Rose Otto Absolute 5ml
Rose Otto Absolute Oil  Rosa damascena The Greek poet Sappho in the 6th century BC descr..
£29.99 £19.97
Ex Tax: £19.97
Rosemary Organic 5ml
Organic Rosemary Essential Oil  Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary has long been valued as ..
£4.39 £2.92
Ex Tax: £2.92
Thyme Organic 5ml
Organic Thyme (white) Essential Oil  Thymus vulgaris The ancient Egyptians used Thyme fo..
£11.89 £7.92
Ex Tax: £7.92