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Aromatherapy Aromastone Vaporiser Aromastone Vaporiser for Essential Oils The Aromastone is an electrically heated ceramic reservoir for vaporising essential oil and fragrances.  It ..
Aromatherapy Aromastream Vaporiser Aromastream Vaporiser for Essential Oils The Aromastream has an electrically operated fan for vaporising essential oils and fragrances placed on an absorb..
Aromastream Pad
Aromatherapy Aromastream Pad Aromastream pads are for use with the Aromastream vaporiser. ..
Breathe Easy Vaporiser
Breathe Easy Vaporiser This popular vaporiser is really easy to use, just plug it in and add 3 drops of oil. It has a built-in temperature regulator so can be left unattended with confide..
Essential Oils Burner
I'm sorry, there is no further information available on this product at this time. ..
Lightbulb Ring
Aromatherapy Lightbulb Ring AROMATHERAPY VAPORISERS Lightbulb Ring. Cheap and effective vaporiser for essential oils used in aromatherapy.     ..
Mini Vaporiser
Aromatherapy Vaporiser Small Aromatherapy Vaporisers for Essential Oils Small, 240 volt vaporiser for essential oils used in aromatherapy ..
Radiator Vaporiser
Aromatherapy Radiator Vaporiser Attractive plaque which attaches by magnetism to any steel radiator. White ceramic finish, blends nicely with white radiator. Can be used with essential or fragr..
Vaporiser (Glass)
Aromatherapy Vaporiser (Glass) Stylish aromatherapy vaporiser made of glass designed for burning essential oils. Design may vary slightly from that shown. Dimensions: 16cm high, 12cm wi..