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Essential Oils

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Cedarwood Virginian Essential Oil
Cedarwood Virginian Essential Oil  Juniperus virginiana Cedars are thought to offer longevity and so the trees have traditionally been grown in graveyards, and the oil it yields used for e..
Celery Seed Essential Oil
Celery Seed Essential Oil  Apium graveolens Celery Seed is an anti-oxidant and finds wide application as a food flavour in spicy foods. Source:  Apium graveolens grows throughout ..
Chamomile Maroc Essential Oil
Chamomile Maroc Essential Oil  Ormenis multicaulis Moroccan chamomile oil has a short history. It is mostly used in perfumery. Source:  It is mainly grown in Morocco. Extracti..
Chamomile Roman Essential Oil
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil  Anthemis Nobilis Chamomile is one of the oldest British medicinal and beauty herbs. Traditionally, it was said to 'cure all agues' It has been used most succ..
Cinnamon Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil  Cinnamonum zeylanicum Source:  Cinnamonum zeylanicum is mostly grown in Shri Lanka. Extraction:  Cinnamon essential oil is steam distilled from the le..
Citronella Essential Oil
Citronella Essential Oil  Cymbopogon nardus Source:  Cymbopogon nardus is mainly grown in Sri Lanka. Extraction:  Citronella essential oil is obtained by steam distillation. ..
Clary Sage Essential Oil
Clary Sage Essential Oil  Salvia sclarea Clary Sage was once one of the most valued herbs used for stomach disorders, infertility and nervous conditions. In Latin 'clarus' means clear and ..
Clove Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil  Eugenia carophyllata Clove also has a long history in Chinese medicine and has been used traditionally to temporarily relieve toothache. Source:  Eugenia caro..
Coriander Essential Oil
Coriander Essential Oil  Coriandum sativum The ancient Egyptians used it for headaches. In 17th Century it was used to dispel wind. Today the dried seed is used as a flavoring agent and sp..
Cumin Essential Oil
CuminEssential Oil  Cuminum cyminum For centuries Egyptians and Hebrews have used cumin as a digestive. Used in traditional.  Ayurvedic systems to ease digestion. Source:  Cu..
Cypress Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil  Cypressus sempervirens Has been used for thousands of years as a cleansing incense for several Nepalese and Tibetan cultures. Cypress trees were planted outside of t..
Dill Essential Oil
Dill Seed Essential Oil  Anethum graveolens Source:  Anethum graveolens is grown in Hungary. Extraction:  Dill Seed Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation. The p..
Elemi Essential Oil
Elemi Essential Oil  Canarium commune Elemi was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming. Source:  Canarium commune is mostly produced in the Phillipines. Extraction: ..
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil  Eucalyptus globules Eucalyptus leaves were crushed and used by the Aborigines to heal wounds, fight infection and to relieve muscular pain. The wood was used on c..
Fennel Essential Oil
Fennel Essential Oil  Foeniculum vulgare The ancient Greeks thought fennel conveyed long life, courage, and strength. Their name for fennel was marathrion from maraino, meaning “to grow th..