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Creams, Gels & Lotions

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Acne Treatment Gel 50ml
Acne Treatment Gel Acne Treatment Gel contains Thyme extract which has been shown to be a very effective antibacterial agent. It also reduces sebum production, unblocking congested pores helpin..
Aloe Vera Cream 50ml
Aloe Vera Moisturising Cream  Aloe Barbadensia The properties and virtues of Aloe Vera have been long known and utilized. The cream protects skin from the sun and cold.  Aloe's je..
Aloe Vera Gel 50ml
Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel  Aloe Barbadensia Aloe Vera Gel may be used instead of Aloe Vera Cream if you would rather not apply oil containing product to your skin. Some people prefer ..
Arnica Cream 50ml
Arnica Cream  Arnica Montana Arnica Cream is made from an extract of the plant. The Cream may be used for the relief of muscle aches and stiffness, due to minor injuries, over-exertion, fa..
Arnica Gel 50ml
Arnica Gel  Arnica Montana Arnica montana is a mountain plant found in Central Europe and the Northwest of the United States. Arnica Gel is made from an extract of the plant. It is non..
Base Body Lotion 250ml
Base Body Lotion Base Body Lotion is a rich, creamy, high quality moisturising body lotion, made as far as is possible from natural materials.  The ingredients have been carefully chosen t..
Base Cream
Base Moisturising Cream Our base cream is a luscious, high quality moisturiser, free from mineral oil and Lanolin. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to be as effective and friendly a..
Base Hair Conditioner 250ml
Base Hair Conditioner Our base conditioner is a gentle creamy conditioner, free of mineral oil.  It is quite thick and may not always pour readily but the consistency can be changed by add..
Base Hair Shampoo 250ml
Base Hair Shampoo Our clear shampoo base is hypo-allergenic and free of mineral oil.  It contains no SLS.  We have tried to keep it as natural as possible.  It contains no fragra..
Base Shower Gel 250ml
Base Shower Gel Our shower gel base is a premium, unscented, SLS free foaming gel to gently cleanse and nurture the skin. Essential oils or fragrances may be added to this shower gel, we re..
Body Scrub Gel 250ml
Body Scrub Gel This is great cooling and soothing, all-over body scrub gel.  It contains powdered walnut shell to exfoliate the skin leaving it feeling smooth and clean.  The gel has ..
Boswellia and Commifora Cream 50ml
Boswellia & Commifora Cream  Boswellia Carterii & Commifora Myrrha This soothing skin cream contains Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils but is free of mineral oil and Lanolin. ..
Calendula Cream 50ml
Calendula Cream  Calendula Officinalis Calendula Cream is made with herbal extracts and essential oils.  It is formulated for use all over the body and gently soothes dry skin.  ..
Chamomile Cream 50ml
Chamomile Cream  Arthemis Nobilis This soothing skin cream is made with herbal extracts and essential oils but is free of Mineral Oil and Lanolin. Chamomile Cream is suitable for use all..
Comfrey Cream 50ml
Comfrey Cream  Symphytum Officinale Comfrey Cream is made with Herbal Extracts and Essential Oils but is free of mineral oil and Lanolin. Comfrey is also known as 'knit bone'. It has been ..