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Absolute Oils

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Orris Absolute 5ml
Orris Root Absolute Oil  Iris pallida Orris Root Absolute is one of the most prized and difficult to source ingredients used in high-class perfumery. It is one of the oldest and most expen..
£29.99 £19.97
Osmanthus Absolute 5ml
Osmanthus Absolute Oil  Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus Absolute doesn't smell like any other essence and is distinct and unique. It is indeed an expensive raw material for the perfumer, but ..
£29.99 £19.97
Rose Maroc Absolute 5ml
Rose Maroc Absolute Oil  Rosa centifolia The rose is one of the world’s best known flowers - stunning and exotic in both visual appearance and aroma. Rose Absolute Oil is very common ..
£16.49 £10.98
Rose Otto Absolute 5ml
Rose Otto Absolute Oil  Rosa damascena The Greek poet Sappho in the 6th century BC described Rose as being the 'Queen of the Flowers'. Rose Otto is one of the most complex essential oi..
£29.99 £19.97
Vanilla Absolute 5ml
Vanilla Absolute Oil  Vanilla planifolia Source:  Vanilla planifolia is grown in the USA. Extraction:  Solvent extraction of the fresh dried pod of the Vanilla plant. ..
£12.19 £8.12
Violet Leaf Absolute 5ml
Violet Leaf Absolute Oil  Viola odorata The Ancient Greeks considered the Violet to be a symbol of fertility and love, so it was used in love potions.  The ancient Britons used the fl..
£29.99 £19.97