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Absolute Oils

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Calendula Absolute 5ml
Calendula Absolute Oil  Calendula officinalis The ancient Greek and Roman civilizations used Calendula as a medicinal herb. Source: Calendula officinalis is grown in France. Extrac..
£34.79 £23.19
Carnation Absolute 5ml
Carnation Absolute Oil  Dianthus caryophyllus Dianthus is derived from Greek, meaning di, Zeus and anthos, flower, “the flower of Zeus,” indicating its importance in the religious context ..
£29.99 £19.97
Chamomile Matricaria Absolute (Blue/German Chamomile) 5ml
Chamomile Matricaria (Blue/German) Absolute Oil  Chamomilla Matricaria Chamomile Matricaria is also known as German or Blue Chamomile. It has even greater properties than Chamomile Roman b..
£47.39 £31.56
Frangipani Absolute 5ml
 Frangipani Absolute Oil  Plumeria rubra Originally native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela, it has been widely cultivated in subtropical and tropical climates world..
£19.99 £12.72
Gardenia Absolute 5ml
Gardenia Absolute Oil  Gardenia grandiflora Used in Chinese traditional medicine for its soothing properties and for cooling the blood and clearing away heat (a yin/yang imbalance often ch..
£17.99 £11.98
Honeysuckle Absolute 5ml
Honeysuckle Absolute Oil  Lonicera Caprifolium Source:  Lonicera Caprifolium is grown in France. Extraction:  Honeysuckle Absolute Oil is solvent extracted from the fresh flo..
£49.19 £32.79
Hyacinth Absolute 5ml
Hyacinth Absolute Oil  Hyacinthus orientalis Source:   Hyacinthus orientalis is grown in Italy. Extraction:  Hyacinth Absolute Oil is solvent extracted from the fresh fl..
£41.34 £28.94
Immortelle Absolute 5ml
Imortelle Absolute Oil  Helichrysum stoechas Then name comes from the Greek helios (meaning sun), and chrysos (meaning golden), and refers to the flower colour. Source:  Helichrys..
£59.99 £39.95
Jasmin Absolute 5ml
Jasmine Absolute Oil  Jasminium grandiflorum Jasmine has a long history in perfumery including Cleopatra and Louis XVI. Source:  Jasminium grandiflorum is grown in France. Ext..
£16.59 £11.05
Lavender Absolute 5ml
Lavender Absolute Oil  Lavandula angustifolia Lavender oil was a favourite bath time cleaner for the ancient Romans and has been used to speed healing. Source:  Lavandula angustif..
£11.39 £7.59
Linden Absolute 5ml
Linden Absolute Oil  Tilia vulgaris It is the scent of Spring with all the hope and excited look to the future that Spring brings with it. In Europe, the tea from the leaves is drunk as a ..
£18.19 £12.11
Lotus Absolute 5ml
Lotus Absolute Oil  Nelumbo nucifera The Lotus flower is often viewed as a symbol of awakening. The reason is that while it grows in muddy ponds of sometimes stagnant water, it blossoms ev..
£39.99 £26.63
Mimosa Absolute 50% 5ml
Mimosa Absolute Oil  Acacia dealbata Mimosa Absolute is diluted to 50% in Sunflower Oil because if it was left as 100% it would be a solid mass and therefore unusable. The fragrance of mim..
£14.19 £9.45
Narcissus Absolute 5ml
Narcissus Absolute Oil  Narcisus poeticus In India the oil is applied to the body before prayer in temples. Arabians recommend the oil as an aphrodisiac. Roman perfumers used 'narcissu..
£13.99 £9.32
Neroli Absolute 5ml
Neroli Absolute Oil  Citrus aurantium Neroli  Absolute Oil has been revered for centuries for its positive effect on the human psyche. It is an ideal choice to counteract nervous exha..
£18.19 £12.11